Ohio Northern University, Pettit College of Law                                                      2004
Juris Doctor

The Ohio State University                                                                                        2000
Bachelor of Arts

The Law Office of R. Aaron Maus                                                                            Present           

     Engage in the general practice of law representing citizens primarily of Clermont, Brown, Warren, Highland, Adams and Hamilton Counties concerning a broad range of legal matters including but not limited to municipality, real property,contract, small businesses, estate, divorce, juvenile, criminal and appellate.    

     I represent various small businesses in the local community, and offer a wide range of legal services.  From assisting clients in the selection of the most appropriate business entity to meet the needs of their business and the client's plan as to how their business should operate.  I work with the client to navigate filing the necessary documents with the secretary of state and devise an operating agreement.  When working with an established business client my office routinely prepares contracts, whether it be for acquisition of materials, product or for employment and offers services devising employee handbooks, establishing policy for procedure to comply with state and federal law.  Some of the frequent questions a small business owner may have surrounds developing policy and procedure for compliance with the Family Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and random workforce drug testing procedures. 

     Having over fifteen years of litigation experience, I regularly appear in court either defending my clients or pursuing the recovery of damages on their behalf.  I am confident my law practice can offer a solution to your small business needs or you can trust that you will be put in the right direction to have your question answered. 

     The majority of my new clients are not small businesses but are people in the community that find their way to my office for the first time for they have been contacted or arrested by law enforcement.  Whether it be a DUI, drug charge, theft or Homicide this is a stressful time in my client's life.  They are concerned with the stigma in their community for even being charged with an offense and are worrying about possibly becoming incarcerated, paying fines and what will happen to their families if they are in jail.  I have served clients for over fifteen years and have gone to jury trial in the most serious of cases such as murder, I have an established criminal defense practice and represent hundreds of clients per year in this area of law.

      Possibly the worst torment in a persons life short of losing a child is going through a child custody battle.  I have over fifteen years of experience in divorce and child custody matters.  For a long period of time I served as a guardian ad litem, investigating and making recommendations to courts to assist the court in making determinations as to the best interests of children.  While I no longer serve as a guardian ad litem and only represent adults whether it be grandparents, parents or other person hoping to obtain custody or establish visitation/parenting time with a child, the prior experience of having served as guardian ad litem serves me well when advising a client and developing a strategy in their divorce or juvenile custody case.  And I know no client is the same just as sure as no family or child is the same.  I will listen to you and I am confident that after consulting with me concerning a child custody matter, even if I am not retained, you will be better prepared to begin the most important of legal proceedings you will probably ever encounter.

      In sum, I encourage anyone to call my office and ask their question, whatever it is. 

I will help you find your way.



Instead of finding yourself overwhelmed and worried about your court case call someone with experience that is compassionate and knowledgeable.

R. Aaron Maus

Professional Licensure:

Admitted by the Ohio Supreme Court                                  2004

Admitted to United States District Court

​Southern District of Ohio                                                      2009