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Having represented clients in Southwest Ohio for more than fifteen (15) years I have represented thousands of clients in all categories and range of offenses.  From speeding tickets to OVI (DUI); from minor misdemeanor marihauna to felony cultivation of marihuana charges; from unlawful sexual conduct to rape; from assault to murder.  Call me and we discuss how I can work for you to protect your liberty.


                                    CHILD CUSTODY



Everyone has heard of the old adage that there are only two things in life that are for certain.  Planning for death is an unfortunate reality that all of us should take time to think about to protect our loved ones.  Please contact my office to discuss an estate planning session where we will explore your questions and devise a strategy to plan for your loved ones.  

Persons going through a divorce will find a wide range of questions they need help in answering.  What is a dissolution of marriage?What is the difference between a dissolution of marriage and a divorce?  What is the likelihood of having to pay or obtaining spousal support?  How will my retirement be affected?  Is property purchased from an inheritance considered marital property subjection to division?  How do I get my spouse out of the house when I file for divorce?  These are all very commong and logical questions that an attorney will help you in answering and strategizing a resolution.  



My office handles post conviction motions for early release in both misdemeanor and felony cases as well as sealing/expungement of records of conviction and restoration of rights/privileges

The stress of sharing a child with a person that you are no longer in a relationship with and unable to be amicable with is possibly the worst form of human suffering.  The most precious of all of life's bounties are our children.  No family is the same and certainly every child is different.  In child custody cases I will take time to listen and will work with you to devise a strategy to address the needs of your child and protect your rights.  

Trying to select the best business entity can be a confusing process for most individuals starting their first business.  Are you going to have others in control of the business?  Have you thought about preparing an operating agreement?  How do you go about finding out information to weigh the benefits of the various forms of organizing your business?  Creating forms for your business, such as purchase contracts, construction contracts, sale of good forms, lease agreements  or any other document that may assist you in your daily operation of your business are matters that I would assist you with.  My office has represented local small businesses for years and will take time to listen and devise a strategy that best serves your needs.

Whether representing you individually or your business as a Plaintiff or Defendant in a civil action.  I have over a decade of experience litigating civil cases.   The range of types or subject matter of cases for which I have experience handling is as diverse as my client base.  From zoning issues involving a subdivision against a municipality, appropriation proceedings, business transactions, evictions, wrongful death, personal injury, I have provided litigation & legal services for businesses and individuals in courts all through southwest Ohio.  

Please call upon me if you have recently lost a loved one and have questions as to what you need to do to file with the court to transfer title to an automobile or other asset.  I have handled probate matters and will guide you through this emotional time.